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Get 96 exceptional Eyeshadows (Conveniently Laid Out) for 10 Cents Each With the new ELF Eyes Lips deal with 96-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow combination

exactly how lots of elves does it take to screw in a lightbulb? make one heck of a gnarly holiday eye palette? Answer: just one, if that elf is e.l.f, as well as the palette’s their 96-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow combination (regularly $20, however it’s on sale for $10 now at eyeslipsface.com).

This affordable behemoth isn’t one of those streamlined holiday palettes with just a little handful of select, daily shades.


Buna! — there are at least five varieties of eco-friendly up in that one corner (Kermit the Frog would be pleased).

Yeah…there’s absolutely a great deal going on here.

It’s downright daunting, especially if you get overwhelmed quickly (like moi). I mean, the believed of 96 powder eyeshadows all in one situation intimidated me at first, however then I took a better look at the method the colors are all laid out as well as started seeing a technique to the madness…


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

The triangular pans aren’t just randomly strewn about. They’re set up in such a method as to make it simple to discover coordinating colors (usually a huge struggle for me with these blockbuster palettes) — browns with golds in the upper left, eco-friendlies with peaches as well as yellows in the upper right, cool-toned purples as well as pinks in the lower left, as well as cool-toned grays as well as blues in the lower right.

So the combination isn’t just mathematically interesting. It’s likewise wise.

I looked at this palette’s smaller nephew, the 18-Piece Geometric, a couple weeks back as well as believed it, too, was a fantastic value — quality, long-lasting eyeshadows rich in pigment — as well as the shadows in this larger 96-pan bundle do just as well. exact same formula, exact same pigment. I believe they’re method up there in terms of drugstore makeup quality.

My only semi-major gripe with the 18-piece version was the diminutive pans (too little for a lot of brushes), however this larger one addresses that with bigger pans, indicating a lot more space to run my brushes across the shadows, making it that much much easier to pick up product.

There are so lots of affordable holiday palettes available now, however this is one of the very best ones I’ve tried. You must be able to track it down in drugstores for $20, however if you don’t mind buying online, it’s offered now for $10 at eyeslipsface.com.

Oh, as well as for the rest of Cyber Monday, they’re likewise using 50% off whatever on the site (and complimentary shipping on all orders over $35, no voucher code needed).

If you’re available to ideas…you may try their Milk & Honey lotion Wipes, Powder Brush, Eye makeup cleaner Pen, glossy Gloss, or their nail polish cleaner Pads. I like all of the above.

Happy shopping, bargain hunter.

PRICE: $20 (but offered now on the internet for $10 at eyeslipsface.com)
AVAILABILITY: offered now at drugstores as well as online
MAKEUP as well as appeal blog RATING: A+

Eight below 4-ever

If I had a 40 of Olde E (’cause I’m elegant like that), I’d pour it on the ground for Paul Walker.

I was never a big fan of the quick as well as Furious franchise because, well, it just wasn’t my thing, however I loved, liked him in eight Below. It’s one of those motion pictures that never stops working to applaud me up.

I always believed he’d be awesome to hang out with, like a laid-back friend you might always count on to go surfing with on the weekend or after work.

Aw, Paul… You will be missed.


I was shocked when I checked out the news (I discovered out about it on Twitter… seems like every huge news story is breaking on Twitter these days, doesn’t it?), as well as when I told El Hub, he really believed Glumeam. It just didn’t compute.

Addictul dvs. de recurs comunitar prietenos,


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