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MAC studio Waterweight SPF 30 foundation

MAC studio Waterweight foundation from the left in NC15, NW22, NC35 as well as NC50
MAC studio Waterweight SPF 30 foundation ($33). I’ve been daydreaming about as well as looking ahead to this of what feels like ages, as well as not just since I’m a water-baby at heart, however likewise since it’s a serum formula, as well as I absolutely do not ever want to go back to the time when a lot of formulas looked as well as felt heavy, caked-on as well as evident (perish the thought!). Serum foundation formulas normally feel lightweight as well as slippery (the great ones), like you’re slipping into a fine silk chemise, ooh-la-la. You do feel something when you’re using them…but it isn’t frustrating or obvious.

Serum foundations likewise excel at pore blurring as well as disguising fine lines as well as bit imperfections. So yeah, considering that those are among my everyday adversaries (the struggle is so real), I was around this one.


MAC studio Waterweight is a bonafide serum foundation, as well as if you like natural-looking, moisturizing medium-coverage foundations with lightweight formulas, put it on your iphone notes listing of products to try ASAP.

First things first, the finish.



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I’m gonna phone call it a sheen, however I wouldn’t go so far as to phone call it dewy, since it isn’t shiny at all. It’s a lot more fine-tuned than that, as well as velvety. extremely natural looking.

As one of those lucky women with combination skin, I truly appreciate that. My skin just can’t comprise its mind! It’s oily on my forehead, dry on my cheeks as well as acne-prone along my jawline as well as around the edges of my forehead.

Oh — as well as there are likewise obvious pores as well as fine lines up in the mix.

MAC studio Waterweight foundation from the left in NC15, NW22, NC35 as well as NC50
I’ve been using as well as testing studio Waterweight in shade NC42 for a few days, as well as I’m extremely delighted with it. In lots of ways, I like it a lot more than Dior Diorskin nude Air Serum, which I utilized a heap this summer.

Other than the huge difference in cost (Diorskin nude Air is $53 versus $33 for MAC Waterweight), Waterweight likewise is available in three times as lots of shades (25 shades versus eight, a lot of of which have peach or pink undertones).

Ingrediente active…

Diorskin nude Air does have one considerable advantage over MAC studio Waterweight, however, as well as that’s flexibility. I can quickly work as much as full protection with nude Air when I want to, however I can’t seem to get there with MAC Waterweight. MAC phone calls the protection flexible; I’d define it as a lot more medium. One layer provides me protection on the sheer side of medium. two or three layers takes it firmly as much as medium, however when I’ve tried any type of a lot more layers than that, even though it does develop up beautifully, it doesn’t work all the method as much as full-coverage. I can’t get it totally opaque.

But ya understand what? For daily wear, I’m great with that. a lot more commonly than not, I’d reach for MAC Waterweight, however for pics as well as video — as well as I’m using MAC Sutdio Waterweight in this video right here — I believe I like Diorskin nude Air. often I just requirement the fuller coverage.

More ingredients…
If you choose to provide MAC studio Waterweight SPF 30 foundation a try, as well as I hope you do, I suggest applying it directly on your skin with your fingers utilizing a pressing as well as rolling movement to blend it in. A BeautyBlender works great, too, however I feel like I end up utilizing a lot more product with the sponge.

Also, if you have MAC Mineralize Skinfinish at home, try utilizing it to set this foundation. The two of them make lovely music together… extremely natural. Not cakey at all.


I believe I may have pointed out this, however in the video at the top, I’m using studio Waterweight in shade NC42.

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MAC studio Waterweight SPF30 foundation ($33; offered now at MAC counters, stores as well as on the internet in 25 shades — NC15, NC20, NC25, NC30, NC35, NC37, NC40, NC42, NC44, NC45, NC50, NW14, NW15, NW18, NW20, NW22, NW25, NW30, NW35, NW43, NW45, NW47, NW50, N12 as well as N18)

Diorskin nude Air Serum foundation ($53)

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