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I have to very first apologize, however this blush is discontinued as of last year. I was as shocked as any individual else when this was announced. I had MAC MUAs tell me they didn’t understand what they’ll utilize now for weddings – it was their essential shade. They were stocking up on this shade themselves.

Blushes are one of my much-loved makeup items, behind eye shadows as well as nail polish. I own over 150 blushes… however MAC Cubic is one that I holds a special location in my heart.

Cubic is one of the very first MAC blushes I ever bought. I recalled requesting an “easy daily shade” from the MUA as well as she snapped her fingers as well as said, “Cubic!” as well as it was the beginning of a gorgeous relationship. I’ve had this precise blush for no less than 7 years! Stiu…

On MAC’s site, Cubic is officially referred to as “soft soft pink”. I would state it’s not truly that pink, it’s a lot more of a soft beigey peach shade. Cubic is that blush I pop on whenever I’m not sure what blush will match the rest of my makeup look – it never clashes with anything.

It is a Satin finish, indicating that it has a minor sheen however no evident shimmer. To me, this performs a lot more like MAC’s Sheertone formula considering that it has rather sheer protection however that indicates it is likewise foolproof. I might be blindfolded as well as drunk while applying this blush as well as it would look just fine.

I’ve been mostly utilizing my MAC 129SH brush with Cubic lately. The reason why this brush works so well is that the natural hairs are just ever so somewhat a lot more rough than say, a brush with synthetic or white goat hairs. considering that Cubic is a firmly packed powder that isn’t extremely pigmented, the MAC 129SH can get hold of a lot more powder to deposit onto my cheeks.

Here are some comparisons of similar blushes from my collection, from L to R:

• H&M Pure brilliance Powder Blusher in Deep Brown
• Cargo blush in Prague
• MAC Powder blush in Cubic
• Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blush in Exposed
• Illamasqua Powder Blusher in naked Rose

Surprisingly, Cubic looks much warmer compared to the other shades I pulled. Blushes are such funny creatures – in the pan they do look rather similar however when swatched, not so much. I believe out of this bunch, H&M in Soft brown is the closest however not a dupe. Within MAC’s present core line up, I’m not sure if there’s anything that’s a dupe. I asked one of the MUA her thoughts on a similar shade as well as she didn’t believe there was anything (she likewise bemoaned Cubic’s demise). In the end she stated possibly Harmony might be close, however I believe that’s as well brown. I honestly believed I had several dupes for Cubic however it turns out this nuanced shade is quite special in my stash.

This blush consists of 6g as well as was made in Canada! MAC compact blushes expense C$27 as well as refills are C$21.

• lovely shade
• Neutral colour
• sure-fire formula
• long wearing

• may not be pigmented sufficient for some
• Discontinued!

Stash worthiness: 9/10

This blush has not moved a single digit considering that the begin of job pan even though I’ve been using it 5 days a week for 10 weeks now. I had high really hopes however truth is sinking in: I don’t believe I’ll ever hit pan on this blush! Which is fine with me, considering that this is discontinued as well as I like it.

A considerable event occurred last week, I really hit pan on one of my MAC eye shadows! Woo hoo! I’ll be showcasing them next week so you can see the development then!

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Do you have a sure-fire go-to blush that chooses just about any type of makeup look?

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