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The NARS fall 2015 Collection has much more Twists Than a lifetime film

wearing the new NARS fall 2015 collection
The NARS 2015 collection has much more twists than a woman-in-peril film on lifetime (which I’ve been watching A lot lately, as you can tell). You know, like, just when you start to think that the birth mother of the baby that the movie’s protagonist organized to adopt might actually be a a good girl, but then it turns out that she’s desired in eight specifies for kidnapping and extortion! *gasp!*

Hello, TWIST.


The NARS fall 2015 collection

Equally unexpected twists are happening in the 14-piece NARS 2015 collection, which launches July 15 at NARS shops and narscosmetics.com, and August 1 at Sephora and NARS counters at department stores.

Instead of the same-o’, same-o’, typical mix of eyeshadow duos and singles, NARS mixed things up with an entirely new line of twist-up shadow sticks.

BOOM. Mind blown.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

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The new NARS velvet shadow Sticks ($28 each) from the NARS 2015 collection
The $28 NARS velvet shadow Sticks are creamy twist-up eyeshadows that you can use as cream shadows or as bases for powder eyeshadows — or, heck if you’re feeling creative, as eyeliners, or even as deal with highlighters.

The eight featured in the fall collection are pale gold Hollywoodland, shimmery golden black Aigle Noir, navy Glenan, pink champagne Goddess, quartz Oaxaca, shimmery deep teal Sukhothai, black Filbuste and gray Reykjavik.

NARS fall 2015 velvet shadow Sticks from the left in Hollywoodland, Aigle Noir, Glenan, Goddess, Oaxaca, Sukhothai, Filbuste and Reykjavik
When I use these on my lids as cream shadows, they glide across my skin, and the formula spreads without any resistance when I go back in with a clean to diffuse the edges. It takes about seven and a half minutes for them to dry/set (yes, I completely timed it, LOL!), which implies lots of play time for me to take my sweet time moving the shadows around and blending the colors together.

So far, I’m really liking how easy they are to work with (and I’m also loving the satiny finish of the shimmers).

NARS fall 2015 velvet shadow Sticks from the left in Oaxaca, Sukhothai, Filbuste and Reykjavik
NARS fall 2015 velvet shadow Sticks from the left in Hollywoodland, Aigle Noir, Glenan and Goddess
But wait, there’s more! The velvet shadow Sticks aren’t the only things here with a twist. The colors themselves are kind of unusual for fall.

Instead of rich berries, reds and sooty smokey shades, NARS fall 2015 includes two sunny nude lip glosses in pinkish beige Chelsea girls and shimmering candy pink baby Doll ($26 each), as well as a rosy, shimmery, sandy blush called blush in Tribulation ($30) that could pass for a warm-weather highlighter.

NARS fall 2015 Lipgloss in baby Doll
NARS fall 2015 Lipgloss in Chelsea Girls
You know I love nude lips, so I’m all about the glosses. They apply effortlessly with the brand’s standard gloss formula, so they’re unscented, unflavored, lightweight, non-sticky and very comfortable.

Chelsea girls is my favorite of the two because it’s one of those warm and creamy pinkish beiges that you can wear pretty much all over with anything. If the name seems familiar, it is! Chelsea girls is also a current NARS Lip Lacquer.

NARS fall 2015 collection blush in Tribulation ($30)
Technically, Tribulation is a blush, which is funny to me because it looks much more like a rosy beige highlighter on my skin. In these pics (up top and below) I’m wearing it buffed onto the tops of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose for a very soft, diffused effect…which is exactly my kinda highlight!

NARS fall 2015 Lipstick in VIP Red
As for the rest of the release, well, you know how NARS does red lipsticks, and the one here is also a beauty. warm brick red Lipstick in VIP Red ($27) is rich, smooth and completely opaque. Of course, it’s so intensely pigmented that there’s no way I can pull it off without a lip clean and a lip liner. I mean, there’s just no room for error. I tried doing it freehand, and every bit mistake stood out.

Rounding out the collection are two new shades of Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow — golden shimmery brown Telesto and shimmering peacock burgundy Pasiphae ($29 each) — both of which glimmer and glow on lids.

NARS fall 2015 Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows in Telesto (left) and Pasiphae (right)
I like wearing them by themselves on my lids for a high-beam, eye-opening gleam, but I bet they’ll look even much more remarkable on top of a blackened base.

NARS fall 2015: Swatches

NARS fall 2015 velvet shadow Sticks from the left in Hollywoodland, Aigle Noir, Glenan and Goddess
NARS fall 2015 velvet shadow Sticks from the left in Oaxaca, Sukhothai, Filbuste and Reykjavik
NARS fall 2015 Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Telesto (left) and Pasiphae (right)
NARS fall 2015 Lipstick in VIP Red
NARS fall 2015 blush in Tribulation.

NARS FALL 2015 Lipgloss în Chelsea Fete (stânga) și păpușă pentru copii (dreapta) NARS Fall 2015 Rupstick în VIP Red

NARS FALL 2015 Lipgloss în Doll Baby
NARS FALL 2015 Lipgloss în fete Chelsea

Colecția NARS FALL 2015
Nu ratați bastoanele de umbră de catifea

Interesant! Păstrați un ochi pentru noile umbre de catifea de catifea atunci când colecția ajunge. Pentru mine sunt stelele spectacolului, împreună cu alegerile de culori interesante, cum ar fi buzele insorite nud și blush care imită un luminator. Întotdeauna sunt pentru produsele flexibile care depășesc sezoanele.


Farmecul tău prietenos de farmec dependent,


P.S. Rămâi acordat pentru o privire la cele două palete de ochi NOU NAR, fiind, de asemenea, lansat pentru toamna anului 2015.

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