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I’m a overall rich noob. I’ve gone into that stores only a handful of times as well as have had just a few items.  I want to venture much more into the brand however I’m typically as well overwhelmed by the crowds, the smells, as well as the choice in there – so typically I walk around in a circle as well as back out the door. But, I have a good friend who worked at rich so I chosen her brain to assist me select some items, as well as this is what I ended up with:

Yes I stated my previous post was the last of the hauls, my January hauls… this was purchased this past weekend, in February.

What I got:

Refresher shower Jelly
I truly wished to try a shower jelly after seeing the restricted edition Halloween bat one on other blogs. I don’t take baths so bath bombs as well as whatnot are lost on me. This shower Jelly smells of lemons as well as wobbles in the tube – I hope this is as fun as it looks!

Turkish pleasure shower Smoothie
This is a cult preferred as well as I’m thrilled to try it. I just smelled it as well as it is beautiful – featuring 2 of my preferred scents: jasmine as well as rose.

The sacred reality Fresh deal with Mask
This has a very short lifespan – less than a month! as well as it has to be refrigerated.  I’ll have to utilize this twice a week to make sure I utilize it up.  I originally looked at the Mask of Magnaminty which is popular but it includes peppermint oil which irritates my skin. So I chose something much more gentle as well as this mask includes honey, glycerin, kaolin, papaya, yogurt… nothing crazy. One thing is for sure, this will make an appearance in the February trash Stash!

Dream Cream
This is one more client favourite. I like the look of the ingredients: oat milk, increased water, olive oil, cocoa butter… yum. It has a extremely soft scent.  I discovered that this is the “self-preserving” formula as well as a comparison to the “regular” formula exposes that this version doesn’t not include parabens – both versions offer for the exact same price.

Sophisticated cream Eyeshadow
I kept in mind when rich introduced their makeup line – everybody was ga-ga over it. however I don’t hear much about their makeup anymore. This cream shadow appears like a excellent taupe shade, which is ideal timing because I’m about to trash one of my taupe cream shadows soon (makeup purge coming soon!)  My Low-Buy February budget plan is $50 (I’m only counting makeup items) so the purchase of the rich eye shadow implies I have $30.05 left.

I can’t wait to try these – have you used any of these?  What are your preferred rich products?

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