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50 things that make me happy

This identify has been going around so I’m (finally) jumping on the bandwagon!

Like the book of Awesome, I’ll just be naming random things and not family & friends because that’s just obvious. I’ll also not be naming makeup stuff because, well, it’s understood that makeup makes me happy, mkay?

50 things That Make Me Happy

1. Creamsicles

2. Scalp massages
3. Peeking through people’s houses from the street when they don’t draw their curtains
4. snagging the last sale item on the shelf
5. books on knitting

6. hand-crafted greeting cards
7. Reversible clothing & accessories
8. throwing crumpled tissue into the garbage can from across the room and getting it in
9. Lindt roasted sesame dark chocolate bar

10. good hair days without trying
11. Being the first person to walk on fresh snow and hearing the crunch of snow under my feet
12. Scones, especially blueberry ones
13. Fresh warm churros

14. Wandering around my neighbourhood with nothing in particular to do
15. The smell of freshly baked bread
16. enjoying animals eat
17. ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ soundtrack

18. The movie Spirited Away
19. Bead stores
20. finding money in a random pocket
21. assembling Kinder surprise egg toys

22. Using a brand new notebook
23. Cola flavoured candy, especially gummies
24. cute stationary

25. finding a lost / misplaced item
26. restaurants that supply thick, high quality napkins
27. no one sitting within a 10 seat radius around us in a movie theatre
28. big bowl of congee with thousand-year egg

29. Remembering to use a voucher (or a voucher code online)
30. temperature changing items like mood rings or those nail polishes that change with hot / cold water
31. Bubble tea with soft chewy tapioca (my much-loved is from Chatime)

32. breakfast food for dinner
33. Gum that lasts for more than 15 mins (Stimorol from Denmark FTW!)
34. getting a good shot on camera

My photo of a geysir at the beginning of an eruption in Iceland
35. finishing a knitting / jewellery project
36. Mochaccino lattes
37. recognizing a song on the radio after a couple of notes
38. Beating my own high scores
39. Lego

40. fancy drinking straws
41. The accomplishment of untangling yarn or necklace chains
42. Clearing my inbox
43. A litter of any baby animal

44. Spicy ginger tea
45. discovering an accessory is a best match for something I already own
46. customizing a new O/S to my liking
47. King size hotel beds

48. Making lists / checking things off lists
49. travelling to a new city
50. Peeling off price stickers without leaving residue

And those are 50 things that make me happy! Și tu?

Announcement: I’ll be away next week – we’re travelling to the east coast for a friend’s wedding! We’re making a tiny holiday out of it by checking out a few places beforehand, and eating a lot of seafood!  If you want to keep tabs on me, please follow me on Instagram @stashmatters

I’ll only have one scheduled post going up during the week (a collab with the fantabulous StyledWithJoy!), but I’ll be back the following Monday. have a terrific week!

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