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The rock N Roll palette by too faced Cosmetics: These hard and Tender jewel Tones rock

wearing the new too faced rock N Roll palette while doing my best impression of a vixen in an ’80s Billy Idol video
I’m about as rock ‘n’ roll as a porcelain cat figurine sitting on a lace doily, but I’m not gonna let that stop me from releasing my inner headbanger!

Rock, rock, rock, ROCK!


Nu chiar. ’80s Billy Idol would absolutely hate me. He’d, like, sneer at me because I’d want to go home early because “I have to be in bed by 10.”

Actually 9:30. OK, 9.

But maybe he’d hate me less if I were wearing the new too faced rock N Roll palette ($36)…


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

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Rock N Roll: what’s it all about?

The new too faced rock N Roll Palette, $36
One of three palettes in the too faced Smitten Kitten collection for fall 2014 (the others are country and cat Eyes), rock N Roll has a couple things in common with its siblings. like the others, it houses nine eyeshadows in three rows, with each of the rows corresponding to a different makeup look — day, classic and fashion.

With a focus on jewel tones, rock N Roll’s shadows are richer and a lot more intense than the others, so if you like the way you look in jewels, and particularly if you have a medium or darker skin tone and don’t want to spend eternity packing on shadows to get them to show up on you, this one is absolutely swatch worthy.

Someone’s been channeling urban Decay

I’m thinking it. You’re thinking it. We’re all thinking it. So let’s just come out and say it.

These are some very UD-like colors — a deep green, a dark blue, an intense purple, and glitter for days.

That said, there are far worse things in life than channeling urban Decay.

So, does it rock?

Rock N Roll’s colors have a harder edge to ’em, but at the same time, I think they’re still very girly. It’s glam meets pretty — something I think too faced does remarkably well. best for a too faced Cosmetics girl going to a Metallica concert with her metalhead boyfriend, ya feel me?


Rock on!
Think hard with a little tenderness to it. even with the a lot more intense shades, the darkest you get is navy blue heavy Metal, deep green Punk and dark brown Ska, which, by the way, is like a shimmery version of MAC Brun (LOVE!). I’m wearing it in the crease in these pics.

Even then, the colors aren’t too extreme or dark.

What about wear time?

Let me put it this way: these shadows easily last through the encore. same goes for the other fall palettes. With rock N Roll, I get 8-10 hours with just a bit of fading starting around hour 8.

The ideal tools for the job

That’s Rockabilly along my brow bones, Ska in the crease, new romantic on the inner half of my lids, Punk on my upper lash lines, heavy metal on my lower lash lines, and Rap in the inner corners

Here’s the deal: there’s a lot of shimmer in this palette and only one matte, Rockabilly, the sheer beige in the day look row, so when I wear these shadows, I reach for a tapered blending brush and a domed blending brush to buff the shimmers on my lids, rather than patting them on with a flat eyeshadow brush, and I glide the brush head across the skin using little circles and broad sweeps back and forth, back and forth.

I do it because with shimmery or glittery shadows like these, I think I’m able to work the shadows into the skin better, and get that shiny finish and intense color, when I use a looser brush head. The results are a little a lot more forgiving, I think, especially if you have fine lines.

But if you crave drama…

Swatches from the left: Rockabilly (a sheer matte beige), Rap (a metallic golden bronze) and Ska (a shimmery dark brown)
By all means, choose it. If you feel like going disco crazy (hey, there’s time and place for it), pack that ish on with a flat eyeshadow brush. You may even want to wet it first to intensify the shadows and the metallic effect.

New Wave (a satiny, peachy pink with silver glitter), Pop (a shimmery deep purple with hot pink glitter) and heavy metal (a shimmery navy blue with purple glitter)
Several of these shadows do that really well. like Rap.

Oh Doamne! — it’s the warm golden bronze in the Day look row. It has a bit of chunkiness to it, but that’s not a bad thing. If you use a wet flat eyeshadow brush to apply it, you can make it look really foiled and rad to where the shine just POPS off the lids.

So dramatic and incredibly cool.

New romantic (a shimmery, golden peachy taupe), Glam rock (a satiny medium gray with silver glitter) and Punk (a shimmery blackened forest green)
Here’s a tip: do your eyes first

I’m also wearing Chanel Malice on my cheeks and too faced country star on my lips
With this palette, I think it helps to do your eyes first. Do your eyes first. Do your eyes first.

Lasa-ma sa spunDin nou: faceți mai întâi ochii.

Pentru că există sclipici în ele dealuri Thar, iar umbrele vor cădea pe obraji. Dar dacă vă faceți mai întâi ochii, puteți curăța orice Fallout și apoi vă întoarceți cu fundația dvs., Concealer – așa ceva.

Perfect pentru…

Prea cu care se confruntă rock n roll rock bomboane de colectare a ochilor în partea stângă și țara nashville nudes colecție de umbra ochi pe ideal (36 dolari fiecare)
Mașini de machiaj mediu și Divas mai întunecat. Sau orice persoană care dorește un aspect mult mai dramatic (dar unul care nu este STARK).

Rock ‘n’ roll! – Este ceea ce trebuie să spun despre aceste tonuri dure de bijuterii cu atingerea lor.


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