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A fabulous Friday Purple Glittery Eye look With urban Decay’s new Moondust Eyeshadow in Ether

Chair dancing + prince + purple glitter = my Friday morning/afternoon.

While, scientifically speaking, one is physically capable of wearing purple glitter on a Monday morning, it just makes better sense on Friday.


Am dreptate?

Maybe it’s because the end of the workweek feels like victory! — she said, raising her makeup brush like a mithril sword and willing the clouds to part.

The before

The before shot… Please note the red scrunchie
Si dupa

Si dupa!

I didn’t really have a lot going on today after work (other than the chair dancing), so I thought I’d get sparkled up for my trip to the salon to get my fringe choppity-chopped.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

I’m trying to be better about getting my hair cut and bangs trimmed more regularly, instead of waiting until my roots take over and then freaking out when I realize — surprise! — that the next available appointment is in a month.

I’m done with that nonsense, so I made today’s appointment five weeks ago.

I like doing a little something extra with my makeup on salon days, because a lot of the girls who work there also do makeup, so I know that if I roll up wearing something glittery and smokey and purple, I’ll have an excuse to talk shop.

About this look here…there are a few things going on.

I knew that I wanted to wear something noticeably purple and glittery, but I didn’t want to look completely insane (I’m saving that for another day), so to reduce the wackadoo factor, I kept the placement of glitter on my lids and concentrated most of it in the center, to create a subtle highlighting effect.

I used a purple cream eyeshadow as a base, upon which I patted urban Decay’s new Moondust Eyeshadow in Ether (from the new spring collection), a light purple with pinkish blue sparkle.

The four new urban Decay Moon dust Eye Shadows, $20 each, coming spring 2015 to urban Decay counters and online
From the left, that’s Ether, Cosmic, Scorpio and Solstice
Moondust Eyeshadow swatches from the left: Ether (a light purple with pinkish blue sparkle), Scorpio (a matte black with gold glitter), Solstice (a metallic pinkish red with green shift and shimmer) and Cosmic (a metallic white with iridescent shift)
I also swept a couple of neutral brown mattes into the crease and patted a satiny beige highlight on the brown and inside the inner corners to add some other finishes to the mix.

Then I smudged purple liner along my lower lash line to wrap the purple color around the entire eye and make the whole purple thing the unmistakeable focal point.

A terrific trick, by the way, if you want to play up your brown, hazel or green eyes.


Just wrap that purple ’round and ’round, girl!

Some notes on working with glitter…

Try applying your glitter with a wet concealer brush.
Yup, concealer brush. I wet mine with MAC Fix+ today.

I like using concealer brushes for glitters because I’m really able to press the glitter exactly where I want it with a flat, thin brush head.

Sure, you can totally use your fingers, too, but sometimes, like when I’ve had too much coffee (read: daily) and try to use my fingers to apply glitter…I end up looking like I had my makeup done by a preschooler with art supplies and poor muscle control.

If you are going to use a wet brush to apply your glitter, designate an area of your eyeshadow pan for use with wet brushes.
I don’t like to swipe wet brush heads over the entire pan because when you get moisture in there, the top layer of shadow can turn hard and crusty when it dries.

At some point, you just have to accept that glitter’s going to get all over the place, so let it…
As I type this, I have glitter on my cheeks, around my mouth, in my brows, but that’s the thing — glitter’s gonna do what glitter’s gonna do. It’s going to get all over, and you really can’t fight it.

But if you want to try to control the freewheeling force of nature that is glitter, then take a bit of surgical tape (I get mine in the Band-Aid aisle at the drugstore), and gently press and lift it on your skin wherever you see glitter.

Regular Scotch tape works too, as do pet hair rollers, in a pinch.

Yes, I know this from experience…

Lots o’ urban Decay up in the mix! That’s naked Skin Concealer in medium Dark warm under my eyes, naked Flushed in Streak on my cheeks, sheer revolution in sheer Liar on my lips and fast easy sexy Lashes in Instalush on my lashes
Dependentul de frumusețe din cartierul prietenos,


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