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Makeup as well as charm blog Monday Poll, Vol. 422

You may be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Ei bine, nu este tocmai un sondaj. It’s much more of a continuously evolving (devolving?), somewhat random listing of concerns I’ve been putting out to visitors every Monday morning for the past eight (!) years. (It’s like a kickstart for your brain.) I’ve always delighted in reading your answers in the comments, as well as I hope you delight in reading mine.

Is there currently anything missing from your makeup life?
Da doamna! A creamy, comfortable white pencil liner that I might wear along my lower water line — one that would stay in location all the time long.

Oh, as well as it can’t pick up any type of black or gray from my upper lash line when I blink (which, I know, is most likely an impossible request, however I want it anyway).

Right now I’m utilizing MAC Eye Kohl in Fascinating, as well as it’s got the creamy, comfy part down (also doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes), however I still have to reapply it every few hours…

How well do you deal with rejection?
I believe I deal with it OK… I mean, nobody’s ever very awesomely overjoyed when they get rejected for something, right? however I can typically get past it as well as focus on what needs to get done (usually).

What time did you get to bed last night?
Between 10:30 as well as 11. Connor Claire was having what I phone call a “high needs evening” (translation: she was extremely fussy as well as crying), as well as it took a couple hours of high-intensity soothing to get her to sleep.

She was quite good, though, after that. I only got up when at 3:30 to feed her, as well as then she went back to sleep from 4:30 to 6.

What’s your preferred accessory?
Right now I’m (still) all about this branch pendant El Hub got me for Valentine’s Day.

I like that it’s a bit unusual, as well as it chooses just about whatever I ever wear. as well as I can layer it with longer necklaces, too, which is nice!

What was the last meal somebody cooked for you?
My parents came over yesterday as well as brought sufficient food to feed a high institution marching band! I’m not even kitten you; it was a ton of food. among other things, my mother brought a big tub of pancit, which is this yummy Filipino noodle dish.

I ended up providing many of it away to my neighbors, since there was just as well much for us, as well as we still have leftovers.


Randul tau. Doar copiați, precum și lipiți respectarea preocupărilor într-un comentariu cu răspunsurile dvs. Mă uit în continuare la citirea lui Em!

1. Is there currently anything missing in your makeup life?
2. exactly how well do you deal with rejection?
3. What time did you get to bed last night?
4. What’s your preferred accessory?
5. What was the last meal somebody cooked for you?


Hey, hey! pleased Monday, friend. Did you have a great weekend? What are you doing best now?

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