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#FragranceFriday: Pinrose Fragrances in Lil’ Dipper, sun Saint, Pillowtalk Poet, trick Genius, Wild kid as well as Tambourine Dreamer

I may or may not have sprayed this everywhere…including my elbows
You know, ultimately, it’s all about the scent. When it concerns perfumes. Inteleg asta. however I can’t assist it. The visuals have a huge state in the matter. They go a long method toward identifying whether I’m going to like a fragrance. I just like me a lovely bottle! I like walking into my space as well as seeing my screen of perfumes as well as all the quite bottles sparkling in the morning sunlight.

Their bottles are what drew me to Pinrose. The Bay Area-based perfume brand was started by two good friends in 2014 (GO, BAY area charm BRANDS!).


Right now it’s still a little niche brand, however you can discover them at Sephora. I was at the Novato store a few weeks ago, as well as the display…oh, my gosh. When I saw all the bottles lined up together like a quite perfume rainbow, I stopped in my tracks!

Asa dragut!
All of their fragrance bottles are eau de parfums, as well as they last a good, long while. I can still odor them after a full eight hours on my skin.

Pinrose likewise offers these aromatic pre-soaked towelettes called the petals Packs.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

Petals to the metal
So if you don’t wanna bring a bottle around (which I completely get), you can still touch-up your scent on the go. You can develop your own Petal pack of 25 towelettes for $30 on the Pinrose website, as well as they’re a great gift concept as well as a method to test drive the different aromas without committing to one of the $65 bottles, or you can get one of the pre-selected Petal Packs on the website, where you get 20 towelettes for $24. (FYI, however the petals do odor strongly of alcohol when you very first open them, however the alcohol scent dissipates after about 30 seconds.)

Oh, as well as Sephora has a set of nine bit roller spheres for $47, so that’s one more method to try a lot at once.

Lil’ Dipper

I comprehend that the huge Dipper gets all the ladies, however I’ve always felt that the bit Dipper is worthy of much more play…
This wonderful floral is my preferred one. It’s eminently “there,” however it isn’t in your face. Light, refreshing as well as calming (because of the lavender note), it was produced by perfumer extraordinaire Nathalie Benareau, who’s likewise produced perfumes for Laura Mercier as well as Victoria’s Secret.

Official fragrance notes:
Peony, lavender as well as sandalwood

Unofficial fragrance notes:
Laying on the dock as well as viewing the stars at the lake with your summertime crush one August night…

Sun Saint

The scent of summer
Take me back to Hawaii, please! Is there a getaway in that bottle? I believe there may be. Prolific perfumer Patricia Choux (she’s crafted scents for Marc Jacobs, Jo Malone as well as Michael Kors, among others) summoned this beachy charm sans sunscreen notes. This carefree concoction is ideal for summer!

Official fragrance notes:
Sea salt, coconut as well as lime

Unofficial fragrance notes:
Sitting on the sand at a secluded beach on the Leeward side of Oahu as a reddish purple sunset dances on the horizon. NOTE: there’s sand between your toes as well as a Mai Tai in your hand.

Tambourine Dreamer

The tambourine is quickly one of my top five preferred musical instruments (in very first place: the accordion).
If you’ve ever wished to walk around smelling like the most tasty brunch mimosa ever, this is the fragrance for you! I have plans to pick up a bottle of this ASAP.

I assumption that isn’t surprising, seeing as exactly how Nathalie Benareau, the olfactory awesome-sauce behind Lil’ Dipper, made this one, too.

Official fragrance notes:
Ylang ylang, lily of the valley as well as white musk

Unofficial fragrance notes:
Sunday funday as well as stretchy pants

Pillowtalk Poet

Yo, my feline is my pillow talk poet.
Pillowtalk Poet is warm, spicy, comforting as well as one of the heartier scents in the fam. It reminds me much more of a autumn fragrance than a scent for summertime (not that it matters, of course), as well as it’s so darned cozy. It’s by perfumer Vito Leoci.

Official fragrance notes:
Powder, amber as well as musk

Unofficial fragrance notes:
Childhood memories of baking banana bread with my mother as well as having the scent of cinnamon as well as nutmeg on my skin…

Secret Genius

Wicked smahhhhht!
Secret brilliant is one more warm as well as spicy scent in the line, as well as it likewise reminds me of food, however instead of getting banana bread cravings when I wear it, I crave dulce de leche. Perfumer Harry Fremont, who has produced HELLA fragrances, including a number of for celebs, including Rihanna, Gwen as well as J. Lo, concocted this one.

Official fragrance notes:
Vanilla, caramel as well as sandalwood

Unofficial fragrance notes:Pulovere, seminee, s’mores, precum și cărți.

Copil salbatic

Chiar dacă sunteți doar la fel de sălbatic ca o bibliotecă pașnică, puteți purta în continuare copilul sălbatic.


Copilul sălbatic este un jucăuș, floral girly, cu note plumeria puternice, precum și o vibe de vacanță caldă, cum ar fi Sun Sfânt. Produs de Richard Herpin, nasul care a făcut la fel unul dintre mirosurile mele preferate cu Clean, Citron Fig.

Note de parfum oficiale:
Gardenia, iasomie, precum și plumeria

Note de parfum neoficiale:
Pene roz Boas, stras Tiaras, precum și nopți târzii, precum și dimineața devreme cu fetele.

Farmecul tău prietenos de farmec dependent,


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