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Dearest Laura…you’re rockin’ my world at the moment.
I’m going to assume that you are, or have been, a makeup junkie, and so as a result you have probably had one (or more) moments like I did the other night at back-to-school night, when your makeup universe collides in such a way that you’re, like, “WHOA!”

I can’t be the only one. I just can’t.


I was just sitting there in Connor’s preschool classroom wearing some Laura Mercier products when my nose honed in on someone’s perfume (I have a bloodhound’s sense of smell). It was familiar, but I couldn’t place it, and the source of that scent — vow to gosh — knocked around in my head for days, like a song stuck in my head.

Then, half asleep one night in bed, it hit me! It was Laura Mercier Eau de Lune, which I wore each day for three years straight in the early aughts.

Dang, dawg, I’ve been wearing Laura Mercier makeup off and on for nearly 20 years! In fact, I can recall when it was a relatively new line. I remember going to a counter for the first time (must have been about 1997) and being interested by the makeup primer, which was very forward-thinking at the time. and their tinted Moisturizer, secret Brightening Powder, Eye basics in Wheat and stormy Grey eyeliner have all been in my everyday makeup bag rotation at different times for years.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

I’m wearing Burnished Bronze and Gilded Fresco on my eyes and Fresh lipstick on my lips and cheeks (as a blush). I’m also wearing the foundation primer and loose Powder with MAC studio fix Soft Matte foundation Stick in NC42.
Like I was saying…I just happened to be wearing a few pieces of LM makeup the other night, and it reminded me why I like wearing Laura Mercier makeup so much. Her style is colorful, but not too crazy, and has elegantly subtle touches of pizzazz, like a little glitter here, a demi-matte finish there… It’s also easy to amplify or dial down.

A few quick thoughts on what I’ve been wearing lately…

Foundation primer ($38)

There are a few different versions of this (Oil-Free, dry SKin, etc.), and this one is the basic foundation Primer. It’s a colorless, lightweight primer in a moisturizing gel that quickly sinks into skin (rather than sitting on top). If you like primers that add brilliance with barely-there pearl finish (like MAC’s natural Radiance), you’ll like this, too. It’s an oldie but goodie.

Translucent loose setting Powder ($39)

Light as air and completely undetectable, this has a soft matte finish that looks natural to the Nth degree!

Lovies by Laura M.!

Caviar Chrome Veil liquid Eyeshadow in Gilded Fresco ($29)

This one’s for the glitter lovers among us. Swipe a bit on bare lids, and then blend with a finger for the most delicate veil of silver glitter… It looks nearly glossy from some angles.

Caviar Stick in Burnished Bronze ($29)

My most current cream shadow love. like Gilded Fresco, this product’s true appeal hits when you blend and buff it out. It’s only then that the finish morphs from a shiny metallic into a soft sheen. I love it on lids all by itself with just a bit of MAC Coffee eyeliner. SO GOOD, YOU GUYS!

Velour extreme Matte Lipstick ($29)


This smooth, opaque lippie will last on lips through multiple bottles of water (I’ve been drinking obnoxious amounts lately because I vow it’s the best thing when you’re battling a cold). I wore vibe (a medium nude beige) to back-to-school night, but I also like Fresh (a deep pink) and hot (a reddish berry).

Dependentul dvs. de recurs de vecinătate prietenos,


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