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Pondering pastel polish and painting Nails After Coffee: speak with Me!

This is the *good* hand.
Unsolicited life suggestion #546: If you’re going to paint your own nails, DoNt dO iT best aFeTer yOUvE had A massive amount oF CoFfeE. Like, if the cup was as big as your head, refrain! — because sure, one hand may turn out OK, but the other one? Wonky-wonk.

I did it the other day, LOL! I was telling my friend Tatiana about it in the comments like, “Yeah…I just painted my nails high on coffee.” My left hand looked great because I’m right-handed, but my best hand? whole ‘nother story.


That picture at the top are the good nails, HA HA HA! On the other hand, the middle nail is all patchy, and there’s a big lump in it.

I don’t even know how it got there. ?

Trust me — you don’t wanna see the other hand!
But you know, I was just pleased to have my nails painted, because, believe it or not, once upon a time, I was the person who always had her nails and her toes done. If I were going out, I wouldn’t have dared to go without having my toes painted. Bare toenails used to be MORTIFYING for me, but time flies, life happens, things change… You pop out a kid, things happen. now I’m overjoyed whenever I actually sit down and paint my nails, so I was absolutely thrilled (despite the wonky best hand) to have my nails did.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

From the front to back: top Coat, boss Gloss, Her-Oine, She-Ro and Strengthener
The shade I’m wearing here is called boss Gloss, from Sally Hansen’s new Mega strength line. Side note: Did you know that Sally Hansen was actually a real person?! For the longest time, I just thought it was a name someone made up, but no. She was a businesswoman and led a *very* colorful life.

Anywho, nails… I did two coats of boss Gloss with layers of the Mega strength Base coat and top Coat.

About that, there are three Mega strength colors on my desk best now — boss Gloss, Her-Oine and She-Ro.

Sally Hansen Mega strength in She-Ro, along with the Mega strength base and top coat
I wore She-Ro last week, and I loved the wear time (more on that in a sec), but the color didn’t really do anything for my soul (because that’s important). It’s a mid-toned purplish mauve… I like it just fine, but typically speaking, if I’m gonna wear purple on my nails, I choose either an Easter-egg pastel purple, or something very intensely bold.

There’s no in-between when it concerns purples with me. Are you like that too with any colors?

Back to She-Ro again — the wear time was awesome! I had it on for a full seven days, during which time I only saw the smallest of chips at the suggestions until the evening of the seventh day…

Wow, that sounded like the start of a very foreboding tale! ?

And so it began… She was in the shower washing her hair when the edge of the polish at the base of one of her nails kept lifting up and catching on her wet hair…

GIRL, it was all downhill from there. I stood there under the water for gosh knows how long, peeling my nails off. (YOU know YOU DO IT, TOO.)

$5.99 each
Anyway, I’ve got those three colors on my mind best now, and if boss Gloss and Her-Oine do well, then I’m gonna go back to get some much more colors, because they also have some dark colors that look really frumos.

Other things nail polish related… I painted the boss Gloss mani in the morning before going to my HIIT class later that night, which I think is one of the most significant tests for nails. If a polish can survive a workout with weights, that nail polish is LEGIT. I walked into the class that night thinking, “Aw, man, I just did my nails,” because, on any given day, there are barbells, dumbbells or kettle bells (ALL THE BELLS) involved, and dealing with weights will chip your nails quicker than you can say, “No way, lady, Keanu is MY BOYFRIEND.”

That evening, we used sandbags, which are the worst for chipping. We did this funky relocation called “the sandbag clean and press,” where you take a heavy sandbag, flip it over, and do a squat. So now I’m bruised all up and down my arms.

I did three rounds of 15 reps, and the boss Gloss mani actually survived. Deci da! Mega strength just might be mega strong.

Long story short: No much more coffee for this girl before manis and pedis (unless someone else is doing them).


So speak with me about polish. Are you in the midst of any particular phase? unghii lungi? short nails? Pastels? (I feel YA!) Do you choose to get your nails done at a salon, or do you do them yourself? — and if you do do (ha ha) them yourself, have you ever painted them after a bucket of coffee?! LAUGH OUT LOUD! vorbeste cu mine.

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,


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