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Flesh Tender Flesh Blushes in Caress (top) as well as Glaze (bottom), $26 each
Can we please bond over blush? since I have a new appreciation for its power.

It’s truly powerful!


This occurred to me last week while conducting the “just one thing” experiment. I realized that applying blush on a bare deal with was one of the things that made the biggest impact.

Every beauty article ever written on blush basically states the exact same thing — that blush makes you look healthy as well as vibrant — however like, really, when you don’t have other stuff going on with your makeup as well as your deal with is otherwise bare, you can truly see just exactly how powerful blush is.

Yeah, I’ve been loving on my blush a bit additional lately. ?


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

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Current blush crushes
I have a couple new favorites, as well as they’re from a brand called Flesh, which is the line by appeal magazine creator Linda Wells (launched last summertime as well as offered at Ultar), as well as the powder blushes are bomb! I’ve been going back as well as forth between Caress, which is a matte tan/warm brown (almost appears like a bronzer), as well as Glaze, which is a deep reddish coral with subtle gold shimmer. I’ve had extremely dry skin for a couple weeks since of winter, as well as since I’ve been utilizing a retinol at night, however when I wear these powder blushes, which are ridiculously smooth, I can’t even see the dry patches.

I’m using Flesh Tender Flesh blush in Glaze.
They virtually float on top of my skin above the flakes. It’s super cool. Both colors, by the way, are somewhat intense, so if you tend to be heavy-handed with your blush (which I do sometimes since I’m so utilized to doing makeup for flash photography), just so ya know, grab a makeup sponge or a buffing clean — basically whatever you utilize to buff down your foundation or concealer — as well as stipple the leftover base makeup on top of the blush. That should tone down the brightness as well as lift away any type of excess product. Or, just, you know…go in with a light touch. That’ll work too! LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Don’t ask me why I only just figured this out right now, however I bought this empty six-pan MAC blush combination years ago, as well as it didn’t happen to me up until last week (!) that you can really eliminate the frame that holds the pans as well as stick your blushes directly into the palette.


I may try to depot my Flesh blushes as well as stick them in with the other MAC ones I utilize all the time (Melba, Cantaloupe as well as Style, in situation you were wondering).

One last thing: My very first blush like was when I was 14, as well as I used Clinique new Clover virtually every single day. I can still photo the eco-friendly marbled packaging as well as small bit clean sitting in the pocket in my freshman year backpack, where I kept all of my makeup, aww!

I have a soft area for Clinique blush since of that wonderful memory. ? Anyway, you most likely already understand about Clinique’s cult fave Cheek Pops, however have you tried their Blushing blush Powder Blushes lately? They’re super quite on top of bare skin or tinted moisturizer since they’re semi-transparent, so you always look like you’re using just sufficient color on your cheeks. never as well much. I truly like Cupid (a soft pink) as well as Sunset glow (a golden coral). The packaging is remove on the bottom, too, so it’s simple to see what color each blush is right off the bat, which is helpful.

Oldies however goodies!
Have you been lovin’ on any type of specific blush lately? Spune.


And if you never wear blush, GIRL! — enable me to modification your mind…

Your friendly community beauty addict,


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