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Life hack right here!
So…guess what?

For the first time in forever, I put on heels and a dress to leave my house.


Yup, BOTH.

Stiu! I can’t even remember the last time I did that when it didn’t involve some kind of event, but I did it yesterday before going to the dentist, because I was actually feeling kinda feisty and, well…kinda cute, which never happens to me prior to leaving for the dentist.

To make a long story even longer, I did some yoga (a 10-minute flow; that’s the routine down below) before leaving for the appointment, and that just made me feel a little better and less anxious than usual — actually, almost enthusiastic (!) about seeing the dentist.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

Anyway, feeling really good about myself, I put on my dress, my heels, got in the car, got on the freeway, and that’s when I realized that my knees and shins were hella dry.

(Don’t ask me why I realized this on the freeway.)

I totally forgot to put on lotion before leaving the house…

Stiu! When you don’t wear a dress in forever and you’re out of practice, you forget these things.

Then I remembered that I recently tossed the “emergency” lotion I usually keep in my car because it expired, so I didn’t have anything to moisturize myself with other than nude lipsticks and a Clinique Superbalm Lip Balm.

I thought, “Hmm… The Superbalm would be shiny, but it might work,” so when I got to the dentist’s office, I squeezed out a generous amount, and slathered it all over my knees and shins.

(I tried to warm it up first, though, by rubbing it between my fingers and palms.)

Lo and behold, it totally worked! So there’s a beauty hack for ya. try your lip balm if you’re ever stuck somewhere with dry skin and don’t have any lotion.

On that note, today’s beauty (and otherwise) reading…

Multicolored rainbow/Skittles manicures have been around forever, but since Instagram apparently just discovered them, they’re now a “thing.” LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Sephora and fashion line Moschino are doing a fun collection where the liquid highlighters look like highlighter markers, and the makeup removers look like erasers. There’s also a nail polish in a Wite-Out bottle! — which is what I used to do with *real* Wite-Out when I was a kid.

25 secrets your nail tech wishes you already knew

The Black Opal Aksanti collection helps girls in the Congo.

This woman found a lock of Charlotte Brontë’s braided hair encased in a ring in her attic… All I have in my attic are ghosts ? and dust mites!

Because El Hub, Connor Claire and Tabs are all part Irish, here are 10 Irish good Friday traditions you’ve never heard of.

And because my first-born cat son ? is also hardcore got ? enthusiast, here are some awesome homemade games of Thrones-inspired pet beds.

Fun fact about game of Thrones: Jon Snow wears high heels.

Speaking of felines, have you heard about the mysterious wild cats of Britain?

Cats get acne, too.

I adore Hindash’s work and can’t wait to try this!

You know how much I love her, but I love her even more because she says the words, “flute backstory,” in this video.

How to look more outstanding up-close and in person

Best Ted Talk I watched this week

I did this workout just the other day! super challenging, but I felt great at the end of it.

I’ve been doing this 10-minute yoga flow after workouts for my upper back, and it has helped with the wonkiness a lot.


Now I’m off to go take the coywolf to a local Easter egg hunt. have a great Saturday and a ? happy (early) ? Paști.

Dependentul de frumusețe din cartierul prietenos,


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