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Lip of the Day: Chanel Virevoltante, Kate Spade Glasses as well as a Costco Optical Tip!

Kate Spade frames as well as Chanel Virevoltante lipstick
Costco Optical, man… truly amazed me. great selection, great prices.

Yup, I used Chanel Virevoltante lipstick yesterday to get those Kate Spade frames I’ve been believing about from Costco, woo-hoo! Costco is having a promotion, by the way, up until January 28 where you can get a second pair of frames for $40 off, so I ended up likewise getting this remove pair by through Spiga, which I’m going to utilize for prescription sunglasses…and I’m extremely thrilled about that! I’ve never had a pair of prescription sun glasses before. I feel so fancy.


Via Spiga frames
The lipstick didn’t last with the ramen I had for lunch, though…

Belly full o’ noodles
And that’s since opaque berry increased Virevoltante is in the Chanel Rouge appeal line, which is Chanel’s line of extremely pigmented, lightweight lippies, which are fairly long long lasting for a featherweight-feeling lipstick (seriously, in some cases I fail to remember I have one on), however they’re nowhere near as durable as a MAC liquid lipstick, by comparison, which you can wear from this lifetime into the next.

Virevoltante will last about three hours if you’re only trying on glasses or puttering around, however it’ll peace out if you begin eating hot noodles.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

Chanel Rouge appeal in 158 Virevoltante
It’s a prominent star at the moment on account of exactly how saturated it is. It’s INTENSE, however it still doesn’t creep into lip lines. I believe it’s likewise comfy as well as moisturizing, to boot, as well as it makes my lips look so smooth. imi place!

Hello, Chanel Viravoltante
Back to the glasses…

Costco Optical tip: If you discover a pair of frames you like at Costco, you requirement to snag them ASAP. You see (haha), the pair I’m using right here isn’t the exact same style I tried as well as liked a couple weeks ago, since when I went back to the store this week, those exact same frames were gone ( horror-ul!). The Costco people told me that when somebody declares a pair of frames in the store, the store doesn’t have, like, additional backup frames in the drawers.

Basically, you gotta strike while the iron’s hot.

The frames on screen are the frames they’ve got, as well as if you leave the store to believe it over like I did, as well as then you go back, however the frames you liked are gone…after you recuperate from the crushing sadness, you can ask an partner to inspect if any type of other Costcos have them as well as can ship ’em over, however if that doesn’t work, you’re out of luck.

Huzzah! The partner who assisted me did discover one pair at a close-by store (disaster averted), so these are gonna be my daily glasses, which I’m extremely thrilled about, as well as the through Spiga ones will be my sun glasses (I no longer have to be blind at the beach).

So that’s my Costco Optical suggestion of the day. If you see something you like, don’t wait!

One last thing, this was the very first time El Hub as well as I got new glasses at Costco, as well as the service was freakin’ fabulous. Yes, there was a bit of a wait in the store. You take a number as well as wait on your number to be called, however you can utilize those 10-15 minutes to shop around the store, which is what we did. bottom line, though, this was the very best optical purchasing experience I’ve ever had.

Despite exactly how hectic the counter was, I didn’t feel rushed when it was my turn. The partner spent a great deal of time assisting me discover frames that in shape my deal with well as well as sat correctly on the bridge of my nose. They took measurements, as well as they took the time to get in touch with my vision care insurance coverage service provider to assist me maximize my benefits. All as well as all, fantastic experience, as well as I’m certainly going back.


Farmecul tău prietenos de farmec dependent,


P.S. Can I get a T…GIF!?

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