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Swap with A woman With Pink Cheeks!

I got this parcel just before Christmas. A fost al doilea schimb de machiaj vreodată, de data aceasta cu fermecătorul Isabelle de la o femeie cu blog de obraji roz! We started chatting about doing this switch after my last one – as well as so, back in July, we formulated the swap guidelines: We get each other one thing under 10€ / $15 CAD monthly for 4 months (August to November), as well as mail out in time for Christmas. We wished to focus on brands / products not offered in our native countries – Isabelle lives in Belgium as well as I’m in Canada. I’d suggested that I was a lot of thinking about eye shadows, blush, as well as concealers. This is what she sent me:

Here’s whatever unwrapped:

I’ve been totally spoiled!

Here are a lot more close up shots of the pretties:

Kiko color Fever Eyeshadow combination in Coral Burgundy

Kiko Moon dust deal with Powder in Fairy Mauve

Kiko shade combination Trio blush in 05 Marsala

Korres Eyeshadow in 31 Bronze Brown

Etam Kiss Me permanently Lip Ink in 06 increased Aphrodite

Etam Perfumed Body Sorbet (bamboo, jasmine, lotus, lemon as well as eco-friendly apple)

And of course, some sweets:

I tried the Cuberdon as well as they remind me of a candy I ate as a child! Yummy!

I’ve never had the enjoyment of trying Kiko cosmetics before as well as now I have SO lots of items!  I’m so ecstatic to try everything! say thanks to you Isabelle for your thoughtfulness as well as generosity!  Click right here to see what I sent to Isabelle.

Have you tried any type of of these products? I’ll be doing swatches / evaluations when I get a possibility to utilize them!

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