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Sample: Nivea In-shower Body Milk

I’ve recently been receiving samples of the Nivea In-shower Body Milk enclosed in magazines.  I’ve never tried an in-shower moisturizer before, so I chose to give them a try.  The packages come with $1.50 off discount coupons so I figured that if liked the product, I could redeem the discount coupons before they expire (I am cursed with coupons, I always only remember about them the day after they expire! anybody else?)

This is what I received in the magazines:

Folds open to reveal this:

Close up of the packet:

It’s kind of concerning there’s a cautioning that the tub can get slippery when using this product!

Pictorial instructions from the Nivea site:

That last icon makes me giggle – she’s flashing me!

The product itself:

It has a thick lotion consistency and smells like the classic Nivea creme in the tin.

• It feels waxy upon rubbing it onto the skin, making it challenging to spread around
• There’s no lather
• It leaves a film on my skin and water just beads off
• I don’t feel clean
• My skin does feel soft and moisturized after I towel dry

I’ve tried this a few times now, and I’ve chose I wouldn’t purchase the full size.  Too bad, now I don’t get to use those $1.50 off coupons!

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts on this new trend of in-shower moisturizers? any that you’d recommend?

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