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I was SO excited when I spied this deal at a small hair beauty parlor while walking around on my lunch hour during Boxing Week. A handwritten sign: “4 for $20 or $7 each” – a full OPI display, hardly picked over. Picătură falsă! De obicei, OPI costă $ 12- $ 15 o sticlă aici. I was with a couple of coworkers, and I was still on my No-Buy, so I had to play it cool. I asked the owner if I could set aside 4 shades and that I’d come back in 2 days to pick them up. I went back on the Monday after my No-Buy finished and gotten the 4 polishes, and then some…

This is what $100 worth of OPI nail polishes looks like!

Prior to acquiring these 20 bottles, I actually only owned 13 OPIs – I just don’t gravitate toward the brand for some reason.  And now I’ve more than doubled my collection!  Here are all the polishes in (kinda) alphabetical order (I’ve indicated in brackets what year and collection they’re from, if any):

1. big Apple Red
2. Brisbane Bronze (2007 Australia)
3. Do You Take Lei Away? (2015 Hawaii)
4. first class desires (Holiday 2014 Gwen Stefani)
5. Gouda Gouda two shoes (2012 Holland)

6. got the Blues for Red (2005 Chicago)
7. I Don’t give a Rotterdam (2012 Holland)
8. I have a Herring problem (2012 Holland)
9. I Knead Sour-Dough (Fall 2013 San Francisco)
10. Java Mauve-A

11. Lucerne-tainly look Marvelous (2010 Swiss)
12. Muir Muir On The wall (Fall 2013 San Francisco)
13. OPI Red
14. peace love and OPI (Fall 2013 San Francisco)
15. put It In Neutral (2015 Soft Shades)

16. Red Fingers and Mistletoes (Holiday 2014 Gwen Stefani)
17. Tickle My France-y (Fall 2008 La Collection De France)
18. Suzi sells Sushi by the Seashore
19. wooden shoe like To know (2012 Holland)
20. You Don’t know Jacques! (Fall 2008 La Collection De France)

I think my excitement was mostly due to the fact that these were the first nail polishes I gotten in person this year (all my nail polish purchases so far have been online orders).  The beauty parlor owner told me the reason they were selling these OPIs off so cheaply was due to having too much inventory and their customers now preferred gel polish instead. I might possibly – probably – go back to get some more, they had at least 100 colours available!

Are you a fan of OPI polishes? Do you have any of these? I hope I got some good ones!

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